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Colonize Mars and discover her secrets, with minimal casualties.
~ Tagline

Surviving Mars is a science-fiction city builder game from Haemimont Games, of Tropico fame. The game focuses on building a sustainable colony on the surface of Mars, starting with automated construction drones that lay down the basic infrastructure, and ending with an investigation into the planet's strange and fascinating secrets.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Detailed colony simulation requiring good planning and a coherent strategy to ensure your colonists don't painfully choke to death after a blackout consumes their oxygen generators.
  • Multiple options for city building, including agriculture, mining, and entertainment modules. A Dome is just the start!
  • Individually-simulated colonists, individuals with their own ambitions and characteristics.
  • A randomly generated map each time you start the game, with multiple starting options. Your landing zone matters, as does the space agency you select.
  • A randomized research tree combining static discoveries and random boons obtained by experimentation.
  • Random events related to Mars' distant parts and its many secrets!
  • Full mod support, allowing for the creation and sharing of custom buildings and mysteries.

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