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Sponsors can be selected at the beginning of a colonization attempt. They are your sponsor partner in establishing your colonies in Mars. Different agencies offer different amounts of funding and together with your starting location on Mars determine the initial difficulty of the game. They will also affect the price that rare metals you can mine on Mars fetch when exported back to Earth. Who your sponsor is will also determine the goal you need to reach by Sol 100. As of new releases for the game, sponsors have new and varied abilities and structures to choose from which are able to provide enhanced abilities for your colony. For example, waste rock filtering/refining, new solar megastructures, enhanced sterling generators, research for each scanned sector, and new rover abilities, which effectively prevents the player from playing a game session and failing the mission.

All Sponsors default to the Rocket Scientist Commander:

Rockets default to 50,000 kg of Cargo or 12 Colonists.

  • The International Mars Mission and USA have Cargo Rockets that can carry 70,000 kg of Cargo
  • China has Rockets that carry 22 Colonists

There are several options for your sponsor in the Mars colonization mission:

Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • Here's a table for a quick comparison with additional details for each Sponsor below the table.
Agency Difficulty Funding Research per Sol Rare Metal Price Starting Rockets Starting Applicants Sol 100 Goal
International Mars Mission Very Easy $30,000 M 300 $25 M 4 Rockets 100 Applicants Research 40 new technologies
USA Easy $8,000 M 300 $25 M 3 Rockets 50 Applicants Investigate 40 anomalies
Blue Sky Corporation Easy $10,000 M 100 $30 M 2 Rockets 50 Applicants Export 100 Rare Metals
China Easy $8,000 M 200 $25 M 3 Rockets 100 Applicants 80 martian born
India Normal $7,000 M 100 $24 M 3 Rockets 75 Applicants Have a population of 200
Europe Normal $6,000 M 400 $22 M 2 Rockets 50 Applicants Research 40 new technologies
SpaceY Normal $6,000 M 200 $22 M 5 Rockets 38 Applicants Have a population of 200
Church of the New Ark Hard $4,000 M 0 $20 M 1 Rocket 60 Applicants 100 Mars born
Russia Hard $5,000 M 200 $22 M 2 Rockets 50 Applicants Export 100 Rare Metals

International Mars Mission[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 20%
  • Rockets can carry 70,000 kg of Cargo (+20,000 kg more)
  • Colonists will never become Earthsick
  • Food carried by Passenger Rockets is multiplied x10
  • Rockets will slowly synthesize Fuel while on Mars

USA[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 60%
  • Rockets can carry 70,000 kg of Cargo (+20,000 kg more)
  • Periodic additional funding

Blue Sun Corporation[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 70%
  • Can buy Applicants with Funding
  • Additional Rockets are significantly cheaper
  • Probes can discover deep Rare Metal deposits
  • Bonus Tech: Deep Metal Extraction (can extract deep metals and deep rare metals deposits)

China[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 80%
  • Passenger rockets carry an additional 10 Colonists (22 instead of 12)
  • Applicants are generated twice as fast

India[edit | edit source]

Europe[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 130%
  • 5 extra starting technologies
  • Gains Funding every time a tech is researched. Gains double if it's a Breakthrough tech.

SpaceY[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 150%
  • Drone hubs start with additional drones
  • Advanced Resources are 50% cheaper

Church of the New Ark[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 190%
  • All Colonists have the Religious trait
  • Birthrate is doubled
  • Hydroponic Farms produce 50% less

Russia[edit | edit source]

  • Base Difficulty 200%
  • Bonus Tech Fueled Extractors (Extractor Upgrade: Use Fuel to increase extractor production)
  • Fueled Extractors upgrade is free
  • Fuel Refinery Prefab costs 50% less
  • Rockets have extended travel time (drawback)

List of Commanders[edit source]

Name Effects Rating
Inventor - Drones are gradually optimized to work and construct faster until Sol 100

- Bonus Tech: Autonomous Hubs (Drone Hubs no longer require Power or maintenance)

Oligarch - Fuel production increased by 25%

- Bonus Tech: Arcology (unlocks a residential spire)

Hydro Engineer - Start with a Water deposit revealed

- Domes consume 25% less Water

- Bonus Tech: Water Reclamation (unlocks a spire which reduces Water consumption)

Doctor - Minimum Comfort required for birth lowered by 15

- Bonus Tech: Stem Reconstruction (colonist lifespan is increased)

Psychologist - Colonists recover 5 additional Sanity while resting in their homes

- Bonus Tech: Behavioral Shaping (unlocks a Sanatorium spire which treats colonists' flaws)

Politician - All Funding gains are increased by 20%

- Bonus Tech: Martian Patents (repeatable tech that grants Funding)

Futurist - Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster

- Bonus Tech: Autonomous Sensors (Sensor Towers no longer require Power or maintenance)

Ecologist - Service Comfort of decorations increased by 10

- Bonus Tech: Hanging Gardens (unlocks a spire which improves residences in the Dome)

Astrogeologist - Start with a Rare Metal deposit revealed

- Extractor production increased by 10%

- Bonus Tech: Deep Scanning (allows the scanning of sectors for deep deposits)

Rocket Scientist - Start with an extra Rocket

- Bonus Tech: CO2 Jet Propulsion (unlocks Shuttle Hub and long-range transportation)