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Research is divided into 5 categories. There are 19 technologies in each category divided into 4 Tiers. Technologies are randomized within Tiers.

Breakthrough technologies are unlocked by exploring Anomalies.

Research[edit | edit source]

  • Sponsors
  • Outsourcing
  • Research Lab
  • Genius Colonists

Research Costs[edit | edit source]

  • Research technologies are randomized. Research costs are by slot, not by technology. Whatever technologies appear in the first two slots cost 1,000 Research each. Whatever appears in slots 7 and 8 always cost 3,000 Research each.
Research Slot Cost Breakthrough Cost
1 and 2 1,000 2,000
3 and 4 1,500 3,000
5 and 6 2,000 4,000
7 and 8 3,000 6,000
9 and 10 4,500 9,000
11 and 12 7,000 14,000
13 and 14 10,000 20,000
15 and 16 15,000 30,000
17, 18, and 19 20,000 40,000
20 30,000 60,000

Biotech[edit | edit source]

The Biotech field deals with food production, life support and medicine.

Slot Technology Description
1-5 Hygroscopic Vaporators Moisture Vaporator Upgrade (Hygroscopic Coating) - Water production increased by 50%.

With its mechanical simplicity and applicability to any point on Mars's surface, the Water-Vapor Adsorption Reactor technology can extract water directly from the Martian atmosphere.

1-5 Soil Adaptation New Building: Farm - Produces Food. Large in-Dome building which is more work-efficient and requires no Power.

"They say once you grow crops somewhere you've officially colonized it." Andy Weir - The Martian

1-5 Low-G Fungi New Building: Fungal Farm - An out-Dome building that produces Food.

"All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once." Terry Pratchett

1-5 Magnetic Filtering MOXIE Upgrade (Magnetic Filtering) - Oxygen production increased by 50%.

Magnetic filters block ferromagnetic metal contaminants as well as weakly magnetic particles from the Martian atmosphere when inhaled by our MOXIEs, greatly increasing their efficiencies.

1-5 Water Reclamation New Spire Building: Water Reclamation System - drastically reduces the Water consumption of the Dome.

Water on Mars is abundant, yet it is mostly underground and in a frozen state - making it, while within reach, still difficult and expensive to mine. This makes recycling necessary to ensure a steady water supply.

6 Utility Crops Unlock new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide Oxygen and improve soil quality.

From the salad you eat to the air you breathe, plants have a fundamental role to play for humanity well beyond Earth.

7-10 Martianborn Adaptability Martianborn Colonists graduate faster in Universities and Sanatoriums and have higher chance to gain Perks from Schools.

Certain restrictions that still persist on Earth derived from religion and general conservatism are absent here on Mars. As a result, we have the freedom to genetically enhance our newborns and hone their already-sharp minds to a sharp point.

7-10 Biome Engineering Farms increase the Comfort of all residences in the Dome.

Seeing something green against the endless reddish barrens of Mars can be quite therapeutic.

7-10 Dome Bioscaping Residences in Basic Domes have improved Comfort.

" One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." William Shakespeare

7-10 Microgravity Medicine New Spire Building: Medical Center - has larger capacity and is more effective than the Infirmary.

" The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease." William Osler

11 Gene Adaptation Unlock new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide better Food yields.

The overall reputation of GMO grown foods has increased dramatically when the only other alternative for food is red dirt.

12-19 Creative Biorobotics Biorobotics Workshop - a vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with biorobots. Consumes Machine Parts.

We are fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves.

12-19 Farm Automation Farm, Hydroponic Farm & Fungal Farm Upgrade: Automation - Decreases number of workers.
12-19 Hanging Gardens New Spire Building: Hanging Gardens - a beautiful park complex that greatly improves the Comfort of all Residences in the Dome.

One of humanity's most enduring and fanciful legends from the ancient past is made a reality on Mars.

12-19 Holographic Scanning Medical Center Upgrade (Holographic Scanner) - Increases birth rate in the Dome.

Holographic technologies can significantly improve medical diagnostics and monitoring procedures.

12-19 Moisture Farming New Building: Moisture Vaporator - Produces Water from the atmosphere. Doesn't produce during Dust Storms.

"What I really need is a drone that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators." Unknown Martian Colonist

12-19 Rejuvenation Treatment Infirmary & Medical Center Upgrade( Rejuventation Treatment) - Improves Service Comfort and provides Relaxation, allowing Colonists to visit and gain Comfort.
12-19 Stem Reconstruction Retirement age and death from old age happen later in the Colonists' lifespan.
12-19 Water Conservation System Water consumption of Domes reduced by 50%.

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." Sylvia Earle

20 Localized Terraforming New Wonder: Geoscape Dome - A slice of Earth on Mars, this Dome has high Comfort and increases the Sanity of its inhabitants on every Sol.

"It's a fixer-upper of a planet but we could make it work." Elon Musk

Engineering[edit | edit source]

The Engineering field deals with Buildings, Domes and improves Rocket technology.

Slot Technology Description
1-5 Fuel Compression Rocket Cargo Space increased by 10,000 kg.

The fuel section is by far the largest and, when full, the heaviest part of any rocket. This makes developing more compressed fuels especially important when striving to bring more to Mars with fewer rockets.

1-5 Decommission Protocol Allows the clearing of salvaged and destroyed buildings.

We have reached the point where we must do away with old buildings on Mars to make way for new ones.

1-5 Low-G Hydrosynthesis New Building: Polymer Factory - Produces Polymers from Water and Fuel.

New Building: Fuel Refinery - Produces Fuel from Water. Resolving the obvious problems with water pressure in Low-G environments will allow for more complex hydro-synthetic procedures to be done on-site on Mars.

1-5 Advanced Martian Engines Rockets and Shuttles require less Fuel.

The scarcity of Martian-made rocket fuel options has made for our first true contribution towards rocket engine efficiency.

1-5 Low-G High-rise New Building: Apartments - A Residential Building that houses many Colonists.

"I suggest that going to Mars means permanence on the planet - a mission by which we are building up a confidence level to become a two-planet species." Buzz Aldrin

6-12 Compact Passenger Module Passenger Rockets carry 10 more Colonists.

Better design patterns and lighter, tougher materials have all contributed to a more advanced and compact rocket passenger module.

6-12 Storage Compression Water, Oxygen and Power storage capacity expanded by 50%.

Life support reserves are essential for the survival of the Colony. Fortunately, a new method of compressing fluids in low-gravity environments can help us increase our reserve capacity greatly.

6-12 Low-G Engineering New Dome: Medium Dome - A medium-sized Dome.

Gaining experience in actually building constructions on Mars rather than just hypothesizing has vastly advanced our off-Earth architectural capabilities.

6-12 Sustainable Architecture In-Dome buildings require maintenance less often.

Shifting focus away from "fixing it" to "avoiding it" is the natural step forward for any Martian habitat.

6-12 Smart Home New Buildings: Smart Home & Smart Complex - Provides a very comfortable living space for Colonists. Residents will recover Sanity when resting.

Perfecting the Martian household - for a better life beyond Earth.

6-12 Micro Manufacturing New Building: Electronics Factory - Produces Electronics from Rare Metals.

"In the end, I hope there's a little note somewhere that says I designed a good computer." Steve Wozniak

6-12 Mega Storage New Building: Large Water Tank - stores very large amounts of water.

"If there's magic on this planet, it is contained in water." Loren Eiseley

13 Arcology New Spire Building: Arcology - provides comfortable living space for many colonists.

Martian settlements are becoming less just mere shelters and more of fully fledged cities -cities with unique vibes and even architecture.

14-19 Mars Nouveau Building construction costs in Metals & Concrete reduced by 20% (excluding Domes).

A mix of off-world pride, a unique and ambitious style, and inspired creativity has resulted in more efficient structural design.

14-19 Resilient Architecture Out-Dome buildings require maintenance less often.

There is a difference between knowing that conditions on Mars will take a heavy toll on man-made buildings and actually experiencing and fixing the damage done. The latter paints a better picture for improvement.

14-19 Advanced Passenger Module Passenger Rockets carry 10 more Colonists.

Cutting edge methods in space optimization and Comfort-centric designs make for a more practical Passenger Module.

14-19 Gravity Engineering New Dome: Mega Dome - The most advanced and spacious Dome design.

We have reached a proficiency in engineering that surpasses the most ambitious architectural achievements on Earth.

14-19 Plasma Cutters Rare Metals Extractor production increased by 50%.

Introducing state of the art plasma torches to our Rare Metals Extractors show a great promise for boosts in production.

14-19 Waste Rock Liquefaction Drones can extract concrete from Waste Rock stored in Dumping Sites.

The utilization of lots of waste rock by reprocessing it into becoming concrete-grade regolith as part of our "Nothing Is Wasted" efficiency policy.

20 Orbital Engineering Wonder: Space Elevator - Exports Rare Metals to Earth and offers resupply materials and prefabs at preferential prices.

"The space elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing." Arthur C. Clarke

Robotics[edit | edit source]

The Robotics field deals with Drones, Rovers and Shuttles, as well as building automation.

Slot Technology Description
1-4 Transport Optimization The RC Transport harvests resources faster and its maximum storage is increased by 15.

The remote location of some resource deposits calls for Transport Rover optimizations.

1-4 Low-G Drive Drones and Rovers move 25% faster.

An engine design optimized for low-gravity environments.

1-4 Drone Swarm Drone Hubs are constructed with additional 2 Drones and the maximum number of Drones is increased by 80.

Drones being the backbone for most of the heavy and dangerous labor on Mars, it is essential our Hubs have greater operating capacity in order to employ more Drones at any given time.

1-4 Explorer AI Generate 100 Research per Sol for each RC Explorer vehicle. Multiple vehicles result in collaboration losses.

AI specifically tailored for our Explorers will think for itself, gathering only the data they have deemed could be of interest. The above will greatly contribute to our research initiatives.

5 Drone Hub New Building: Drone Hub - Controls Drones and allocates them to different jobs.

We can now rely upon ourselves to build the complex Hubs that control our de facto heavy labor force.

6-10 Battery Optimization Drone battery capacity increased by 50%.

Advances in power accumulator technology allow Drones to function longer before needing to recharge.

6-10 Rover Command AI Rovers no longer need recharging. The RC Rover starts with 4 additional Drones and command limit increased by 12.

Developing a specialized AI with greater autonomy and advanced multitasking capabilities will allow our rovers to control more drones simultaneously.

6-10 Drone Printing New Building: Drone Assembler - Constructs Drone Prefabs from Electronics which can then be used in Drone Hubs to construct new drones.

We may now print and assemble entire Drones on Mars with Martian-mined materials.

6-10 3D Machining New Building: Machine Parts Factory - Produces Machine Parts from Metals.

Mastering the peculiarities of Martian ores has allowed us to make 3D Metal Printers, which will serve as the foundation for all future Martian industry.

6-10 Automated Storage New Building: Storages - a set of storages that can store a large amount of resources but have to be constructed and require power.

"The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate." Alexis Stewart

11 CO2 Jet Propulsion New Building: Shuttle Hub - Houses and refuels Shuttles that facilitate long-range transportation of resources between Depots and resettling of Colonists between Domes.

Adapting an air-breathing jet engine to work in the 95% carbon dioxide atmosphere of Mars is a challenge.

12-14 Fueled Extractors Extractor Upgrade (Fueled Extractor) - Production increased by 30% as long as the building is supplied with Fuel.

"We should not just consume hydrocarbon fuel but use it to develop nuclear energy, hydro power and renewable energy sources." Vladimir Putin

12-14 Factory AI Factory Upgrade (Factory AI) - performance increased by 20%.

After extensive trials and the allocation of many resources to the program, a work-safe AI has been developed to optimize various Factory operations.

12-14 Martian Aerodynamics Shuttle speed increased by 33%.

Designing shuttles for flight in a low density/low pressure atmosphere is more efficient when designing them in a low density/low pressure atmosphere.

15 Rover Printing Can construct RC Rover , RC Transport, and RC Explorer.

Machine-part printing devices have reached a fidelity high enough to print the intricate parts necessary to assemble state of the art Rovers.

16-18 Compact Hangers The maximum number of Shuttles that the Shuttle Hub can house is increased by 4.

Reaching heights unheard of in parking space sciences.

16-18 High-powered Jets Shuttle cargo capacity increased by 3.

Advanced shuttle drives deliver more thrust and allow for greater cargo capacity.

16-18 The Martian Network New Spire Building: Network Node - increases the research output of all Research Labs and Science Institutes in the Dome.

Rapid transfer of information and an easier access to it could speed up research several times-fold.

19 Project Mohole Wonder: Mohole Mine - Extracts Metals, Rare Metals and Waste Rock without the need of a deposit, while heating the surrounding area.

Moholes are shafts that dig exceptionally deep in the Martian crust, releasing heat as part of a potential terraforming effort and, as a bonus, mining ore.

20 Large-scale Excavation Wonder: The Excavator - Produces Concrete directly from the Martian soil without requiring a deposit.

Martian concrete, made from equal parts regolith and sulfur, has some vast improvements over its Earth counterpart. Red concrete is stronger, more durable and can be recycled and reused simply by reheating it.

Physics[edit | edit source]

The Physics field deals with Power production, exploration and disaster safety.

Slot Technology Description
1-5 Extractor Amplification Extractor Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption by 20.

"From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization." Friedrich Engels

1-5 Autonomous Sensors Sensor Towers no longer require Power or maintenance.

Reliable sensor data is instrumental for the exploration of Mars.

1-5 Subsurface Heating New Building: Subsurface Heater - Increases the local temperature in cold areas and protects nearby buildings from Cold Waves. Consumes Water.

Mars has an average surface temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, with inclinations to fall well beneath 130.

1-5 Low-G Turbines Wind Turbine Upgrade (Polymer Blades): Power production increased by 33%.

Hands-on observations and problem solving in the low gravity environment of Mars have helped our engineers come up with solutions for increased Wind Turbine efficiency.

1-5 Adapted Probes Probes are cheaper and can deep scan.

"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." Neil deGrasse Tyson

6 Stirling Generator New Building: Stirling Generator - Generates Power. While closed the Generator is protected from dust, but produces less Power.

The Stirling Radioisotope Generator is a generator based on a Stirling engine powered by a large radioisotope heater unit.

7-9 Atomic Accumulator New Building: Atomic Accumulator - Stores electrical Power. Has huge capacity but charges slowly.

"History will remember the twentieth century for two technological developments: atomic energy and space flight." Neil Armstrong

7-9 Dust Repulsion Solar Panels are gradually cleaned from dust when closed, resulting in less frequent maintenance.

Solar Panels are inherently vulnerable to dust, more so than any other equipment used on Mars. Thus automatic dust repulsion systems are put in place to spread out maintenance periods.

7-9 Factory Amplification Factory Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption by 20.

Scaling power production to meet the needs of manufacturing is a challenge on Mars.

10 Deep Scanning Sectors can now be scanned again for deep deposits. Exploiting these deposits requires additional technologies.

We've barely scratched the surface of what we can learn about the Martian environment.

11-14 Nuclear Fusion New Building: Fusion Reactor - Generates Power. Out-Dome building which requires Workers to operate.

"I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source. It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming." Stephen Hawking

11-14 Creative Realities New Building: VR Workshop - a vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with virtual reality. Consumes Electronics.

"How do you know it's Sci-Fi? VR is commercially viable." Shams Jorjani

11-18 Deep Water Extraction Can exploit Deep Water deposits.

Water reserves the size of Lake Superior are predicted to be present deep beneath the surface of Mars.

11-18 Deep Metal Extraction Can exploit deep Metal and Rare Metal deposits.

Digging deep can be dangerous but it is necessary for sustained metal production.

11-18 Meteor Defence System New Building: MDS Laser - Destroys falling meteors in its range.

The low density of the Martian atmosphere makes meteors especially dangerous; this is why installing a reliable defense system against meteors is critical for our Colony's long term survival.

11-18 Triboelectric Scrubbing New Building: Triboelectric Scrubber - Emits pulses which reduce the Dust accumulated on buildings in its range.

While the triboelectric effect is not very predictable or precise, it can be entrusted with removing dust from our structures.

11-18 Research Amplification Research Labs, Hawking Institutes and the Network Node Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption.

The speed of the calculations and research efficiency grows with the amount of power invested.

15-18 Fusion Autoregulation Fusion Reactor Upgrade(Auto-regulator) - reduces the amount of workers.

"Our present nuclear fusion reactors are classified by the methods used to support the nuclear fusion reaction, which takes place at a temperature much hotter than the surface of the Sun." Wilson Greatbatch

19 Micro Fusion Wonder: Artificial Sun - Produces colossal amounts of Power. It provides light for nearby Solar Panels during the dark hours and heats the surrounding area. Consumes vast amounts of Water on startup.

Unlocking the secrets of the stars is now within the grasp of humanity.

20 Interplanetary Astronomy Wonder: Omega Telescope - Gives access to new Breakthrough Technologies and boosts overall research.

A milestone in human history has been achieved - feeling comfortable enough living on an alien world, so much so that some people are already turning their curiosity towards the endless expanse of space once more.

Social[edit | edit source]

The Social field deals with Colonists, traits, Martian society and Funding.

Slot Technology Description
1-5 "Live From Mars" More applicants will start to appear on Earth.

PR research aimed at exposing the benefits and positive aspects of life as a Colonist on Mars.

1-5 Productivity Training Engineers and Geologists have +10 performance when working in their specialty.

"Geologists have a saying - rocks remember." Neil Armstrong

1-5 Earth-Mars Initiative Increases research provided by sponsor by 100.

"Two planets, one human race - sharing knowledge and coexisting within the Solar System." Martian Scientist

1-5 Systematic Training Scientists and Botanists have +10 performance when working in their specialty.

"Hell yeah I'm a botanist! Fear my botany powers!" Andy Weir - The Martian

1-5 Mars Crowdfunding Receive a one-time grant of 1,000 M funding.

With the rising media hype about our mission, it is only a matter of social maneuvering to make the first interplanetary crowdfunding campaign a reality.

6 Martian Education New Building: Martian University - Trains Scientists, Geologists, Botanists, Medic, Engineers or Security specialists.

College education is always free on Mars.

7-10 Martian Patents License Martian technology for use back on Earth. Earn <funding(param1)> funding.

This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. "Economic exchange between Mars and Earth would be mostly in the form of intellectual property" Elon Musk

7-10 Supportive Community Lowers the risk of colonists developing flaws after Sanity breakdown.

"Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you." Shannon L. Alder

7-10 Emergency Training Security Officers and Medics have +10 performance when working in their specialty.

One can never be too prepared for the vast array of emergencies that could arise at any given moment on Mars.

7-10 General Training Colonists without the proper specialization suffer a lower work penalty.
11 Martian Institute of Science New Building: Science Institute - Generates Research faster than a Research Lab.

With Martianborn science we will truly shift from being an experiment to being an equal to Earth, contributing to the scientific advancement of all of humanity.

12-14 Behavioral Shaping New Spire Building: Sanatorium - treats colonists to remove flaws.

"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." Ronald Reagan

12-19 Martian Festivals Decorations have increased Service Comfort.

Reinforcing the notion of a separate and unique Martian culture makes our Colonists more positive and helps them find comfort in the uncertain world which is life on Mars.

12-19 Martianborn Strength Martianrborn don't take Sanity damage from disasters.

Martianborn grow up in the reality of the everyday dangers of the Red Planet. It bestows upon them an inner strength that is truly a unique Martian quality.

12-19 Martianborn Resilience Martianborn don't take Sanity damage when working in out-Dome buildings.

We are born on the Red Planet. We do not fear stepping outside the safety of the Dome. We embrace it.

12-19 Home Collective Residential Building Upgrade (Home Collective) - Increases the Service Comfort of the building by 10.

A friendly and supportive community is the key to making life easier in the harsh reality of the Red Planet.

12-19 Martian Copyrights License Martian copyrights for use back on Earth. Earn <funding(param1)> funding.

This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. "The conditions of extreme labor shortage combined with a technological culture will tend to drive Martian ingenuity to produce wave after wave of invention." Robert Zubrin

12-19 Creative Disposition New Building: Art Workshop - a vocation building that allows colonists to experiment with different forms of art. Consumes Polymers.

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." Bob Ross

15-19 Behavioral Melding Sanatorium Upgrade (Behavioral Melding) - replaces removed flaws with random Perks.

A more benevolent and productive iteration of 18th century methods.

20 Dream Reality Wonder: Project Morpheus - Stimulates the development of new Perks in adult Colonists throughout the entire Colony.

"You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

Breakthrough[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Construction Nanites Buildings construct themselves slowly without Drones. Nanites will seek out resources from nearby resource depots.

With a payload of several molecules and an electronic instrument used for both navigating and knowing its purpose, Construction Nanites form slightly saturated winds which to the casual observer would seem to erect buildings as if by magic.

Hull Polarization Buildings require maintenance less often.

"Don't confound static electricity with ecstatic eccentricity. One will leave your hair up, the other will live up in the air!" Ana Claudia Antunes

Project Phoenix When a colonist dies there's a <param1>% chance he or she is reconstructed as youth with the same traits.

Like the legend of the Phoenix, all ends with beginnings. Consciousness being an electrical charge within a specific neuron pattern, replicating it eventually comes down to data fidelity.

Soylent Green Bodies of dead Colonists are converted to Food.

"Soylent Green is made out of people. They are making food out of people and we know that. We are actually OK with that."

Neural Empathy Unlocks Rare Trait - Empath. Empaths raise the Morale of all Colonists in the Dome. The effect stacks with other Empaths.

"`The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe." Michio Kaku

Rapid Sleep Colonists need to sleep for only 1 hour and regain extra Sanity when sleeping.

"Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them." Edgar Allan Poe

The Positronic Brain Allows the construction of Biorobots in the Drone Assembler. Biorobots eat and can gain traits but can't reproduce and never die from old age.

The human body is basically a complex bio machine that could be easily replicated with the exception of one major component - the brain. Now that we have finally unlocked that secret we can manufacture human-like Biorobots the same way we manufacture cars.

Safe Mode When a colonist suffers a Sanity breakdown, they fall asleep and wake up after <param1> hours with <param2> Sanity. Colonists can't commit suicide or gain flaws due to sanity breakdown.

Failsafe systems have been in place and used to prevent catastrophes in various fields for centuries. Until now we had no viable way of remotely detecting when the brain was headed towards a meltdown. A means to remotely render people unconscious, however, was already available.

Hive Mind Residents in the Arcology get a bonus to work performance based on the number of unique perks and specializations of colonists living in the Arcology.

"The tools that a society uses to create and maintain itself are as central to human life as a hive is to bee life. Though the hive is not part of any individual bee, it is part of the colony, both shaped by and shaping the lives of its inhabitants." Clay Shirky

Space Rehabilitation Colonists have a <param1>% chance to lose a flaw on their journey to Mars.

It is never too late to improve on oneself, and the months spent traversing the void between Mars and Earth gives ample opportunity to do so.

Wireless Power Recharge Stations service Drones in a <param1> hex-range instantly.

Tesla once predicted that wireless power would be obtainable anywhere on Earth, illuminating and powering vehicles in the most remote of places. Ultimately his prediction came true - he only got the planet wrong.

Printed Electronics Allows Drones Prefabs to be constructed in the Drone Assembler using Metals instead of Electronics.

Made entirely out of 2-dimensional nanomaterials, printed electronics combine effective electronic properties with low-cost production.

Core Metals Uncovers extremely rich underground Metal deposits.

Increased detail in reading traces of tectonic activities from eons ago has enabled us to accurately predict where to find high-grade metals deep in the crust, only relatively recently pushed up from the Martian mantle.

Core Water Uncovers extremely rich underground Water deposits.

Primordial underground lakes in the nethermost regions of Mars's crust have been accurately hypothesized and successfully pinpointed due to advances in our understanding of the Martian geological past.

Core Rare Metals Uncovers extremely rich underground Rare Metal deposits.

Applying new principles to chemical analysis of ancient crystallized magma has made it possible to locate several exceptionally potent Rare Metal veins deep underground.

Superior Cables Instant and free power cable construction. Power cables do not suffer from power faults.

A hydrogel of high conductivity and electrical self-healing properties, without any external stimuli and of great strength and flexibility, has been developed based on Nanostructured Conductive Polymers.

Superior Pipes Instant and free pipe construction. Pipes don't suffer from leaks.

A pressure-induced, self-healing coating with remarkable insulation properties has been developed and field-tested to be used en masse on our pipe system.

Alien Imprints Uncovers new Anomalies - Alien Artifacts - which provide a boost to all research when scanned.

Hard as it is to believe, our observations suggest that intelligent life has visited Mars long ago and that remnants of these visits could still be here. These artifacts could help us improve and expand our understanding of the universe.

Nocturnal Adaptation All colonists gain +<param2> performance during night shifts

The greater distance from the Sun makes it so that all colonists have to cope with the psychological strain of receiving reduced sunlight. This fact, combined with newly discovered techniques allow us to considerably boost the productivity of those who work outright nightshifts.

Gene Selection Doubles the chance that a Colonist will have or gain a rare trait.

Advanced and impeccably precise gene splicing instruments will now give us better control on the traits Colonists are born with on Mars.

Martian Diet All Colonists consume <param1>% less Food.

Radically changing eating habits that have been in place for centuries is made quite easier after changing the planet they were evolved on in the first place.

Eternal Fusion Fusion Reactors Upgrade (Eternal Fusion) - Fusion Reactors no longer require workers and operate at <param1> performance.

Our understanding of the once holy grail of energetics - Fusion Energy has reached the level where once a fusion reaction has been triggered, it can be left to regulate and sustain itself on its own… within a confined and safe medium of course.

Superconducting Computing Converts unused Power into Research Points.

The ultra-cold environment that is Mars, combined with several recent breakthroughs in super conductors, has made the concept of superconductor computing, while still quite costly in terms of power, now manageable, thus opening the doors to the extremely fast superconductor computers.

Nano Refinement All Extractors continue to extract small amounts when their deposit is depleted.

Leaving scattered molecules of the precious resource a mining facility was tasked with extracting has always bothered scientists as being just too cynically wasteful. Luckily, with new Nano Refinement precision tools, this wasteful tendency has been remedied.

Artificial Muscles Drones carry two resources at once.

Nature has long provided inspiration for technological advances. Muscles made from carbon fiber are the latest example of cutting-edge biotech and, mixed with Mars's low gravity, our Drones have basically doubled their carrying capacity.

Inspiring Architecture Colonists in Domes with a Spire have increased Morale.

Even on the seemingly most ordinary of days, Colonists on Mars must never forget how extraordinary their lives actually are. Every time they pause from their newfound routines on this alien world and gaze upon the man-made spires that rise proudly towards the Martian sky, they will be reminded of the incredible feat their lives are part of.

Giant Crops Unlocks giant crops which have an increased Food output.

Gene editing the plant strains brought from Earth to Mars so they can better cope with some of the Martian environment's peculiarities has allowed us to grow super-sized versions of their Earthling cousins.

Neo-Concrete Dome Concrete costs reduced by 80%.

Mixing recently discovered materials made from Martian polymers with the Martian regolith have unlocked the wonder material that is Neo-Concrete. It is vastly stronger, yet lighter than its predecessor.

Advanced Drone Drive Drones move <param1>% faster.

Our engineers have unveiled the first motor design to replace the old engines of our drones that were created in Earth laboratories so long ago. This time we've combined all that is now known from having hands-on experience in dissecting a drone that has been doing field work on Mars for quite some time.

Dry Farming Water requirements of crops is reduced by 50%.

By mixing lab-made chemicals with the Martian regolith we have created what passes for Martian soil, providing improved subsurface water retention and reducing the need for watering.

Martian Steel Lowers Metals costs for building construction by <param1>%.

The unique composition of Martian ore has finally been thoroughly understood and new smelting techniques have been developed accordingly.

Vector Pump Moisture Vaporator Upgrade (Vector Pump) - Water production increased by 100%.

A new atmosphere pump design that doubles the volume of air processed by our Vaporators in a single Sol.

Superfungus Fungal Farm Upgrade (Superfungus) - Increases production while increasing Oxygen consumption.

Historically, lab mistakes involving fungi have rarely been a cause for celebration. A recent mishap in the lab seems to be an exception, as we have created a new and breed of fungi which hold much promise.

Hypersensitive Photovoltaics Solar Panels and Large Solar Panels Power production increased by <param1>%.

An abundance of field experience has culminated in our engineers creating the perfect solar cells made specifically for the Martian atmosphere dust consistency.

Frictionless Composites Wind Turbines Power production increased by 100%.

Through clever application of graphene and carbon based frictionless materials, we have managed to maximize the push of the Martian wind while minimizing the friction which slows down the rotor's rotation cycle, thus delivering far more bang for every buck of wind.

Zero-Space Computing Research Lab & Science Institute Upgrade (Zero-Space Computing) - Research points production increased.

Thinking outside the box, Martian mathematicians have begun developing a new mathematical apparatus which will open the doors to new scientific models and theories.

Multispiral Architecture New Dome: Oval Dome (<buildinginfo('DomeOval')>) - An elongated Dome which has space for two Spires.

A new, domestic approach to construction provides the same structural safety of our Domes while providing additional space for Spires.

Magnetic Extraction Extractor Upgrade (Magnetic Extraction) - Production increased by <param1>%.

We have progressed upon fringe mining technologies, developing safe ways to bring Magnetic Extraction to our mines on Mars.

Sustained Workload Doubles the performance bonus when Colonists are working on a heavy workload.

When every citizen knows that their efficiency more or less impacts the survival chances of the entire Colony, it becomes a matter of pride to work hard.

Forever Young Seniors can work and have children.

The golden years have officially been postponed indefinitely as a recent breakthrough has finally unlocked the fountain of youth. Every man and woman on Mars has now the ability to remain within their most productive and fertile age forever.

Martianborn Ingenuity Martianborn gain <param1> performance.

Growing up in a unique environment, combined with some creative gene therapy, makes people better problem solvers. Martianborn are brought up in a society which thrives on the idea that every extra effort counts and the smarter the effort, the better.

Cryo-sleep Passenger Rockets carry <param1> more Colonists.

Putting our Colonists in a state of suspended animation for the duration of the flight to Mars greatly reduces the space needed for a single Colonist on the rocket. Cryo-tubes will allow us to transport more Colonists on a single rocket.

Cloning New Spire Building: Cloning Vats (<buildinginfo('CloningVats')>) - creates Clones over time. Cloned colonists grow and age twice as fast.

"Clones can think creatively. You will find that they are immensely superior to drones." Unnamed Martian Scientist

Good Vibrations Domes restore Sanity to their inhabitants every Sol.

Who knew that emitting a low level vibration could affect the human psyche in such a way?

Dome Streamlining Domes cost <param1>% less basic resources.

Mastering of certain techniques, singled out to be crucial to the entire construction process, will result in the drop of Dome construction costs.

Prefab Compression All Spires can be ordered as prefabs from Earth.

The ever-increasing miniaturization of technology along with different modules has made it possible to transport the structural behemoths known as Spires all the way from Earth.

Extractor AI Metals Extractors and Rare Metals Extractors can work without crews at <param1> performance.

Extracting algorithms have been successfully implemented by new our Extractor AI, allowing for a certain degree of autonomy in mining operations.

Service Bots Non-medical Service Buildings Upgrade (Service Bots) - service buildings no longer require workers and operate at <param1> performance.

Freeing our colonists of dealing with the most mundane of chores.</span

Overcharge Amplifications Amplify upgrades grant a bigger boost to production.

"Power! Unlimited Power!" Sheev

Plutonium Synthesis Stirling Generator Upgrade (Plutonium Core) - Increased Power production while opened.

"Nor are we the culmination of evolution, except in the sense that there has never been another species so bizarrely ingenious that it could create both iambic pentameter and plutonium." David Quammen

Interplanetary Learning Schools can train the Workaholic and Hippie traits.

Taking student exchange programs to a whole other level.

Vocation-Oriented Society Colonists gain <param1> bonus work performance when all their stats are in the green.

"Frankly, though, I think most people can learn a lot more than they think they can." Elon Musk

Plasma Rocket Rocket travel time to and from Earth reduced by <param1>%.

Plasma engines have numerous advantages over chemical rockets. All that is left to do is make sure they don't explode on launch.

Autonomous Hubs Drone Hubs no longer require Power or maintenance.

Self-sustainable Drone Hubs are of paramount importance in expanding our presence on Mars.

Factory Automation Factory Upgrade (Automation) - Lowers the amount of Workers needed in factories.

Robots are poised to take our jobs here on Mars as well.

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