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Mission commanders allow you to fine-tune your chosen sponsors, giving an added bonus on top.

List of Commanders[edit source]

Name Effects Rating
Inventor - Drones are gradually optimized to work and construct faster until Sol 100

- Bonus Tech: Autonomous Hubs (Drone Hubs no longer require Power or maintenance)

Oligarch - Fuel production increased by 25%

- Bonus Tech: Arcology (unlocks a residential spire)

Hydro Engineer - Start with a Water deposit revealed

- Domes consume 25% less Water

- Bonus Tech: Water Reclamation (unlocks a spire which reduces Water consumption)

Doctor - Minimum Comfort required for birth lowered by 15

- Bonus Tech: Stem Reconstruction (colonist lifespan is increased)

Psychologist - Colonists recover 5 additional Sanity while resting in their homes

- Bonus Tech: Behavioral Shaping (unlocks a Sanatorium spire which treats colonists' flaws)

Politician - All Funding gains are increased by 20%

- Bonus Tech: Martian Patents (repeatable tech that grants Funding)

Futurist - Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster

- Bonus Tech: Autonomous Sensors (Sensor Towers no longer require Power or maintenance)

Ecologist - Service Comfort of decorations increased by 10

- Bonus Tech: Hanging Gardens (unlocks a spire which improves residences in the Dome)

Astrogeologist - Start with a Rare Metal deposit revealed

- Extractor production increased by 10%

- Bonus Tech: Deep Scanning (allows the scanning of sectors for deep deposits)

Rocket Scientist - Start with an extra Rocket

- Bonus Tech: CO2 Jet Propulsion (unlocks Shuttle Hub and long-range transportation)