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The dome information panel, showing the aggregate colonist health, sanity, morale, and other pertinent factors.

Domes are specialized structures designed for human habitation on Mars. In order for colonists to arrive and live, you will need to construct and knit these domes together with Infrastructure, creating a network of human outposts. Each dome can be heavily customized to serve a specific function, from research outposts to pleasure domes.

A large number of buildings (e.g. housing, farms, certain factories) can only be constructed inside a Dome.

Colonists can only live inside domes and require oxygen, water, and food at minimum to survive. Domes can be set to filter colonists, allowing you to create specialized processing, mining, research, etc. domes, as well as ensure that colonists who require special services will congregate in ones that actually provide them.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are five types of dome:

Dome Building Spaces Spire Spaces Unique Bonuses Cost Upkeep Maintenance cost Notes
6 1 Concrete.png Concrete 80
Metal.png Metals 20
Polymeres.png Polymers 10
Power.png Power 15
Oxygen.png Oxygen 1
Water.png Water 1
Concrete.png Concrete 1
12 1 Concrete.png Concrete 150
Metal.png Metals 80
Polymeres.png Polymers 25
Power.png Power 30
Oxygen.png Oxygen 2
Water.png Water 2
Polymeres.png Polymers 2
24 1 Concrete.png Concrete 300
Metal.png Metals 200
Polymeres.png Polymers 10
Power.png Power 50
Oxygen.png Oxygen 4
Water.png Water 4
Polymeres.png Polymers 5
14 2 Concrete.png Concrete 150
Metal.png Metals 150
Polymeres.png Polymers 100
Power.png Power 40
Oxygen.png Oxygen 2
Water.png Water 2
Polymeres.png Polymers 4
18 1 Inhabitants gain 25 morale every Sol Concrete.png Concrete 400
Metal.png Metals 200
Polymeres.png Polymers 30
Power.png Power 40
Water.png Water 10
Polymeres.png Polymers 3

Spires[edit | edit source]

Spires are special buildings erected at the center of the dome. Each, except for the Oval Dome, can house a single spire. They provide major bonuses or special bonuses for the colony. There are seven types of spires:

Spire Residents/Employees: Bonus Notes
32 Provides +60 comfort to colonists living in the spire
18 (6 per shift) Clones its employees, clones age twice as fast as regular colonists
9 (3 per shift) Provides medical services and increases birthrate for colonists in the dome, superior to Infirmary
18 (6 per shift) Boosts output of all research facilities in the dome
6 (2 per shift) Reduces water consumption of the dome by 70%