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It isn't all over; everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning.
~ Gene Roddenberry

Beyond Earth is an Easy Mystery storyline in Surviving Mars.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Recommended sponsors and mission commanders[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

Beyond Earth: Vision of the Future[edit | edit source]

And in this day and age, when we value the strength of a civilization not by its ability to wage war - but by its ability to prevent it, our hard work and cleverness have only one place left to take us - up.

Up towards the stars - above our superficial segregations and competing with ourselves. Up towards a united humanity spread out on many worlds possibly even stars.

I am more than certain that the last several thousand years of our history are but the bumpy road towards a version of humanity where there is no hunger, no war, no needless suffering and where the future holds nothing but opportunity and wonder. And I also believe we are quite close to the end of this turbulent road. I make it my mission to help take us through this last stretch and today I announce my plan in investing the vast majority of my considerable fortune to this endeavor. "

Rede Goddenberry, one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on Earth, addresses the UN General Assembly

This event signals the start of the storyline.

Rede Goddenberry gives out a speech at the UN.[edit | edit source]

Greetings from Earth! I've wanted an audience with the founders of the first human settlement away from our dear blue planet for ages now. You see, in you I find kindred souls, souls who do not view my speech at the UN as the ramblings of a deluded old billionaire. I'm certain my vision resonates with all of you up there; after all - you are a part of it.

My Beyond Earth initiative is pushing several separate projects simultaneously - all aimed at bringing prosperity and peace to a human race spread across the Solar System.

One of the projects in question is currently in a ditch - the planning of a Moon base to mine Hydrogen 3, called Aldrin Base. I'm certain I don't need to tell you what an abundance of the material would mean energy-wise. I'd kindly implore you, if your situation permits it of course, to contribute some research capacity and quite frankly know-how to the Beyond Earth initiative.

  • Effect: Beyond Earth Initiative tech unlocked. Research the tech to help the Aldrin Base project. The tech requires 5 000 research points and unlocks the ability to choose the next project as it finishes.

Beyond Earth: Choose Research Focus[edit | edit source]

We are given a choice to contribute research to a project of our liking next, partially advancing progress on any of the following:

Aldrin Base - a settlement on the Moon to mine the Lunar soil for Hydrogen 3.

Port Vesta - a mining hub situated in the Asteroid Belt.

Rubicon Station - a shipyard in deep space.

And finally, Spring City - a farming hub on water-rich Ganymede.

The options give the following results:

  • Aldrin Base (bonus: 10 Scientist Applicants, increased Fusion Reactor efficiency)
  • Port Vesta (bonus: Reduced cost of Robotics Techs by 5%, increased Extractor production)
  • Rubicon Station (bonus: 200 Funding, reduces Physics and Engineering tech research by 5%)
  • Spring City (bonus: 5 Botanist & 5 Geologist Applicants, plus Ganymede Rice eventually)

Beyond Earth: Choose Trade Rocket[edit | edit source]

We are being asked to pick a project we are willing to contribute resources to next. Each time we choose and send supplies towards a project it will advance a certain amount towards completion. The Beyond Earth projects are:

Aldrin Base - a Hydrogen 3 mining facility on the Moon tasked with powering up all of humanity's activity in the entire Solar System.

Port Vesta - a mining operation in the Asteroid Belt guaranteeing humanity never wages war over resources again.

Rubicon Station - a shipyard situated in deep space tasked with considerably expanding humanity's space fleet construction capabilities.

Spring City - a farming settlement on Ganymede with the potential to feed humanity spread across an entire star system with capacity to spare.

The required materials are the following:

  • Aldrin Base (requests: Advanced resources)
  • Port Vesta (requests: Electronics)
  • Rubicon Station (requests: Metals)
  • Spring City (requests: Polymers)

You need to research the tech a second time to advance the project.

Construction results[edit | edit source]

Beyond Earth: Aldrin Base Operational[edit | edit source]

Earth celebrates a full independence of fossil fuel based energy sources and has a now virtually endless power supply coming from the Moon available for everyone.

The technologies needed to transit power to far off posts like our colony is still a ways off, but we are given schematics to improve on our Fusion Reactors, based on the perfected design used at the Aldrin Base.

We have helped bring humanity closer to Rede Goddenberry's utopic vision.

  • Effect: +<reg_param1>% Fusion Reactors Power production.

Beyond Earth: Port Vesta Complete[edit | edit source]

Port Vesta has begun operations.

At the heart of the Asteroid Belt, the mining base is predicted to end poverty on Earth and bring an abundance of materials for all needs far and wide across the Solar System.

The first shipments are already Earthbound, and while free and endless materials may await us in the future, for now we have been given the know-how to upgrade all of our extractors and make them more productive.

The megaproject envisioned by Rede Goddenberry has been completed.

  • Effect: +<reg_param1>% Extractor production.

Beyond Earth: Rubicon Station Complete[edit | edit source]

A shipyard built in deep space, the Station is expected to grow humanity's space faring capacity a thousandfold.

The unique location of the base is also perfect for fringe research purposes, boosting humanity's understanding of the universe.

This project may have never been completed without our help and guidance.

Rede Goddenberry's vision has become more real than ever.

  • Effect: Reduced cost of Physics and Engineering Techs by <reg_param1>%.

Beyond Earth: Spring City Complete[edit | edit source]

Many heated regions on Earth where hunger and strife are rampant will now be saved.

Our role in the realization of this project is far from overlooked and we have been sent new crops which are a extremely tough, healthy and nutritious to use on our own farms.

The Beyond Earth initiative brings humanity closer to a place where hunger and poverty will become nothing more than the woes of yesterday.

  • Effect: New Ganymede Rice hydroponic crop available.

Special events[edit | edit source]

Beyond Earth: Trade Rockets[edit | edit source]

Currently we are falling behind schedule at our Rubicon Station front - a deep-space shipyard tasked with expanding our space-faring capabilities - and would kindly request you to contribute Metals towards bringing the construction back on track.

We ran the numbers and have come to the conclusion that using Mars for firing raw materials towards our separate projects could prove far more effective than doing this from Earth and will speed up the whole process of bringing the project to fruition.

A rocket to pick up the resources has been sent towards Mars. Every now and then more such rockets will arrive. If you have the materials to spare, please do!

  • Effect: A rocket requesting supplies for the Rubicon Station megaproject is headed towards Mars.

Beyond Earth: The Dream Lives On[edit | edit source]

A time of change is befalling the human race - a time of unity and hope for a brighter future that most couldn't have imagined just a short few years ago.

A massive push - by thousands of people and the best that two worlds had to offer - has become a reality. Our role will never be forgotten and the everlasting gratitude of a space fearing humanity will always be a factor.

And spearheading the whole affair - the vision of an eccentric old billionaire who did not live to see how this vision uplifted the entire human race to conquer the Solar System with no reasons for strife and competition.

May he rest in peace and forever be remembered a visionary of Mankind.

  • Effect: Gained a new Technology, <reg_param1>.

Beyond Earth: In Time to Witness[edit | edit source]

A time of change is befalling the human race - a time of unity and hope for a brighter future that most couldn't have imagined just a short few years ago.

A massive push - by thousands of people and the best that two worlds had to offer - has become a reality. Our role will never be forgotten and the everlasting gratitude of a space fearing humanity will always be a factor.

And spearheading the whole affair, the vision of an eccentric old billionaire who wished to see the bright future of his kind before his passing.

History will remember Rede Goddenbarry a visionary of Mankind.

  • Effect: Gained a new Technology, <reg_param1>.

Beyond Earth: Rede is Dying[edit | edit source]

The billionaire has sent a special request out to us:

" It seems I can no longer hide the fact that I am and have been dying in these recent months. Although this may explain my push for haste in the completion of the Beyond Earth initiative to some, the reality is that it's badly needed with or without my condition in mind.

People are suffering and dying on Earth - in war, from deceases, from malnutrition. All of this is not necessary and my vision will remedy all of it, once complete.

So I convey this message to you, whom I have come to see as my closest partners in this endeavor: Please redouble your efforts, for it would please a dying old man greatly to see the plan bearing fruit before his death. But if not to warm my old heart, do it because you believe in what the initiative represents as I know you do."

Beyond Earth: Rede Goddenberry has passed away[edit | edit source]

But we are still inspired by his vision - a vision where humanity travels free amidst the worlds of a unified Solar System.

Although Goddenberry's death will dissuade many of his current partners to see the completion of the Beyond Earth initiative, we just may bring the plan to full or at least partial realization before other parties quit their involvement.

Beyond Earth: The Dream is Dead[edit | edit source]

We have failed to persuade them without the uniting effect of his utopic vision spearheaded by himself alone.

The different gains in space exploration and asteroid mining will not simply disappear but are being bought off and pushed towards partial completion by various Earth-based corporations that will exploit them for personal profit and show no signs of desire to contribute to what was Rede Goddenberry's vision of a united humanity.

In the end, history will remember him as an old eccentric billionaire who tried to swim upstream for humanity's sake but ended up solidifying the rule of massive corporations that are more interested in profits than in an idealistic future.

Beyond Earth: Disaster Strikes[edit | edit source]

A strong solar flare erupted without a sufficient head warning. There are 23 confirmed casualties.

The solar flare erupted during a short window of vulnerability, when Port Vesta had no operational means of shielding against such an event. If it had happened just a bit later, the defenses would've been operational.

Sadly the damage is massive in scale. The project suffered a major setback.

Beyond Earth: Sabotage[edit | edit source]

The project has suffered a major setback. Below is Mr Goddenberry's statement:

" What the Beyond Earth initiative is striving to ultimately achieve is change - change that will make inter-human rivalry a thing of the past.

As with all change, there will be resistance. There are those who prosper from wars, from suffering. And they see a united humanity as a threat, for they will be left behind.

To them I have to say: the world is moving on. Try as you might, you have only slowed down an irreversible process."